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Need a fluoride boost? Total Health Dentistry of Lehigh Acres can  help.

Fluoride is a natural mineral that can help prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is added to many municipal drinking water systems and is a key ingredient in almost every toothpaste. Decades of studies show fluoride to be safe and effective. At Total Health Dentistry of Lehigh Acres, we can tell you if you are getting the right amount of fluoride to ensure proper dental health.

A lifetime of dental benefits from fluoride

Fluoride is most effective as a prevention tool. It is critical at the times when teeth are being formed, from infancy to teen years – when baby teeth fall out to when permanent, adult teeth come in. Fluoride is also important for adults to keep teeth strong and help prevent tooth decay.

The lower the fluoride level, the higher the tooth decay risk

A fluoride deficiency puts you at greater risk for tooth decay, no matter your age. During your next checkup, we can see if a fluoride supplement could help your teeth.

Adding fluoride to your teeth is as easy as making an appointment.

At Total Health Dentistry, we have specialized fluoride mouth rinses available in a variety of flavors. If your fluoride levels are extremely low, we may recommend an additional fluoride supplement.

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